PowToon Vs. VideoScribe Whiteboard Animation Software

Today, the most discussed topic in the marketing industry is a whiteboard video animation. And you may also know about it well. From Disney’s Frozen to the other thousands of marketing videos used today is the example of it. Do you ever wonder how these whiteboard videos are created and what you need to have if you want to create a one for yourself?


Creating a whiteboard animation video is easy and quick due to the help of the top quality whiteboard animation software. There are dozens of whiteboard software available in the market, so sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right software for you. But having knowledge about something makes it easy to pick up the best one. And so today, I will let you introduce the top two whiteboard animation software; PowToon and VideoScribe. Let us go to the difference between the both straight.

  • PowToon is a cloud-based whiteboard animation software, while VideoScribe is a desktop and mobile software for creating whiteboard videos.
  • If you want to create a high-quality animated video or presentation, then PowToon is the right choice, and if you want to create a stop-motion type style of drawing, then VideoScribe is best.
  • PowToon is easy-to-use which allows you to create excellent and efficient animation videos and presentations. While VideoScribe allows you to create innovative and effective moving animation videos which explain different concepts and engage the audiences.
  • PowToon is a low cost yet highly efficient animation software. You can upload the videos to your YouTube channel or just download them in an MP4 format, whatever you like. VideoScribe offers thousands of royalty-free images, fonts, and music. It will create high definition videos in just a few minutes.
  • PowToon offers three plans to choose from; Free, Pro, and Business. You can start with the free plan to know basics about the whiteboard software and then upgrade to higher plans according to your use and interest. While VideoScribe offers three plans; Yearly, Monthly, and Download Once. It does not provide any free plan, but if you want to make sure about what you are using, then you can select the seven-day free trial of VideoScribe which will clear your doubts about it.


Both the VideoScribe and PowToon whiteboard animation software are great for different purposes. If you want to go for something specific, then you can choose from them according to your interest. But one thing for sure is whether you want to engage more traffic to your site, make your product a brand, or just want to share your useful knowledge to the world, this both whiteboard animation software will provide you a great help.

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