What is Half and Full Board Bases?

The table on which you eat meals in the home or hotel is known as the board. There are two types of board half and full board basis. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided in a hotel to all guests are known as full board hotel, and in half board hotel, customers get breakfast and dinner only. The innkeeper offers them breakfast and dinner. The guests have themselves to make arrangements for their lunch. They are totally free to make arrangements for themselves. I will explain the terms- half board and full board in detail so that you clearly understand the difference between them.

Half and Full Board

What is Half Board?

If anybody had a stay at the hotel and he or she pays for the half board, then breakfast and one meal will be provided to him or her. Usually, the meal is dinner.

  • The price customer has to for the stay in half board includes the cost of breakfast and dinner.
  • The price of hotel stay along with breakfast and dinner is included. Sometimes in half board, the price you have paid for your holiday package may include lunch in place of breakfast.
  • Sometimes it depends on your choice what you go for? The hotel authorities will confirm this upon your arrival.
  • But usually, it includes breakfast and dinner. If you want to have lunch, drinks, and snacks, then you have to pay extra for that.

Now after making you understand the meaning of half board, I would like to explain the term full board.

What is Full board?

In full board, the price you have to pay for breakfast, lunch and evening meal.

  • If you like to venture out somewhere from the hotel, then you can carry packed lunch with you and have it outside.
  • It includes breakfast having juice, tea, and coffee with lunch and dinner.
  • You will get the provision of lodging with all meals. If anyone likes to have drinks or snacks besides meals, then he or she has to pay extra for it.


Which board whether half and full is perfect for you and your family depends on you. If you want to be out of the hotel and would like to visit different places during the day, then half board will be the right choice for you. In the morning you can have breakfast, and after that, you can go out to explore new areas and can come back for the evening meal. The people who want to enjoy beautiful places at Hotel fully can choose the full board. They can relax by the pool of the hotel to make their stay pleasurable. In half board, you have to cut your day short to reach on time for dinner in the hotel. In full board, you can’t take out much time to stroll outside the hotel as you have to be present at the time of breakfast, lunch and dinner time. So the choice is yours what you choose according to your preference.

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