Which city is better – Vancouver Vs Toronto?

Canada – the name is enough right? By this article, we help our readers to make a fair comparison between two best cities in Canada – Vancouver vs Toronto.

Which city is better – Vancouver Vs Toronto

To our valuable readers, we want to provide the information which is rare. Everyone can find about the area, or population, etc. of a particular city easily. We are giving some significant reasons – which city is better – Vancouver or Toronto!

Let’s start the comparison: Vancouver vs Toronto

  • Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city. It is also classified as ‘Beta global city.’ Vancouver is even has considered in the list of world’s top 5 well-living cities, which includes the best quality of life.
  • On the other hand, Toronto is the favorite city for immigrants. Annually, there are more than 1 lacs immigrants who move to Toronto. Currently, there are less than 50% people in Toronto, who born in Canada, all the others are immigrants.  
  • The Vancouver has an excellent airport. The airport of Vancouver has a similar ranking like the airports of Montreal, Boston, Lisbon, and Geneva.
  • Toronto ranks high when it comes to innovation. Toronto has a good ranking in the category of the patents registered each year. According to one study, Toronto has been ranked first in the category of the best work life.
  • Toronto vs Vancouver become stable when we talk about parks. Vancouver’s natural setting is more magnificent. Vancouver is planning to create new parks. But Toronto is also giving a tough competition, as Toronto is also working on a project of making a major new park, as the Central Park of New York.
  • If you ever get confused for the easy convention facilities among Vancouver versus Toronto, here is the thing that Toronto has poor convention facilities, no new universities and not so many attractions for tourist.
  • Toronto has improved standard of cleanliness and beautiful new street planting. The maintenance and planting programs are undertaken by 82 local Business Improvement Association (BIAs) around the city.
  • Toronto is also encouraging the creation of POPS – Privately Owned Public Spaces. Vancouver is losing many of its POPS.
  • When compared with Vancouver, Toronto’s buildings often too large, and much too close together. So, regarding housing and offices, Toronto wins the race in Vancouver versus Toronto. But yes, Toronto’s climate is worse than Vancouver’s.

Apart from that, Toronto has initiated a development program to encourage larger units to do something for the society and to create new child-friendly amenities for the surrounding.

Now, let’s us tell you what the tourist suggest in the matter of Vancouver vs Toronto –

  • There’s more history in Toronto than Vancouver. So if you want to explore historical places, go to Toronto first.
  • Vancouver is better for natural outdoor activities like hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc. where Toronto is all about the activities like boating, snowmobiling, etc.
  • For natural beauties, Vancouver has the Rocky Mountains, and Toronto has pretty flat land with beautiful lakes.

Vancouver is slightly costlier than Toronto in living. But, Toronto has drastic temperature fluctuation. It will go from -30 degrees in the winter and +30 to 35 degrees in summer.

So for the pleasant tourist stay Vancouver vs Toronto? The answer is Vancouver. Vancouver has a rainy season from November to February. Vancouver has a more stable temperature like about -5C in the winter to 25C in the summer on an average.

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